Object Oriented Scripting – Final Project

Final Project Description

final project linked files javascript jquery html cssCreate a one page micro site, or take a site you created in a different class and add at least THREE JavaScript and/or jQuery interactive elements to the page. These interactive elements could include slideshows, image sliders, content rotators, tabbed interfaces, interactive animated elements, forms with validation and more.

You can use up to TWO jQuery plugins for this project, such as a slider plugin, the jQuery validator plugin, lightbox plugin, or other plugin.

The project should demonstrate your understanding of how to properly code and include JavaScript in your files. Everything should be properly linked and all html, CSS and JavaScript should be on separate linked files.

The project should demonstrate your understanding of interaction design and show proper use of interactive elements on pages from a usability perspective.

Assessment Rubric

Quality Criteria 3 – Accomplished 2 – Competent 1 – Developing
JS / jQuery programming proficiency Demonstrate ability to conceptualize a problem and solve it using JS and/or jQuery.Adapt a script from the course or elsewhere to be used in a modified and/or unique way in your project. Scripts discussed in the course are appropriately used and applied to your unique project in an effective way. One or more scripts is broken and/or not functioning properly.
Proper use of interactivity Interactivity is appropriate for the content and for the user.Thoughtful, unique or creative approach to using interactivity on a website, and is engaging for users.

Use at least three interactive elements. Only two can be from an easy to configure plugin.

Interactivity could make more sense from a usability perspective.More than two jQuery plugins used. Interactivity needs a lot of work. Does not function or is inappropriate for the user.
File management / Coding standards HTML file is clean with no JavaScript or CSS. All files are properly linked. HTML, CSS, and JS are all properly coded.Appropriate use of commenting in code.

All elements function properly across modern browsers.

A few elements are not coded properly. Some messy code or sloppy organization of files.Requires no more than two hours to repair. Several elements not properly coded or functioning.Very messy code or improperly linked assets.

Would require more than two hours to repair and clean up.

Portfolio Readiness Project is ready to put in your portfolio. Project will be ready to put into your portfolio with 1 – 2 additional hours work. Project needs a lot of work to go into your portfolio.

Your rubric score will be multiplied by 16.67 to obtain your Final Project score (out of 200).