Course Outline and Assignments for Object Oriented Scripting GWDA 243 (JavaScript Class)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignments Deadline
1 07-16-15 JavaScript Basics Dynamic Link Width end of quarter
Basic Scripts
JavaScript Challenges Part 1
2 07-23-15 Document Object Model (DOM) DOM Examples
JavaScript Slideshow
JavaScript Temperature Converter
JavaScript DOM Challenges
JavaScript Distance Converter
3 07-30-15 JavaScript and jQuery Techniques JavaScript Menus
jQuery Menus
JavaScript/jQuery Challenges
4 08-06-15 jQuery Slides jQuery Animation
jQuery Animated Tab Interface
5 08-13-15 Timing and Rotating jQuery Image Slider
Midterm Challenges
6 08-20-15 Slides and Menus jQuery Smooth Scroller
Folding Text
7 08-27-15 Using jQuery Plugins Flexsliders
FancyBox Demo
Flexslider & FancyBox Challenge
Explore a jQuery Plugin
8 09-03-15 jQuery and Forms Basic Form Validation
jQuery Form Validation
jQuery Validator Part 1
jQuery Validator Part 2
Kitten Form
9 09-10-15 AJAX Registration Files
Llama Sites
Kitten Ajax Form Challenge
10 09-17-15 Message Boards Message Board Part 1
Message Board Part 2
11 09-24-15 Final Project Lab FINAL PROJECT

End of quarter is defined as the end of the final class session in week 11. Some assignments will have a soft deadline of the beginning of the next class session. This is so that we can have a student showcase/critique, and you can get valuable feedback on your work prior to the hard deadline indicated in the far right column.