Sacramento Writers Group 2

Midterm Challenges

These challenges build one upon the other. Do them all in a single site. When you are done, ZIP up the site folder and submit to “Week 4: Midterm Challenges 1-4″ in the Dropbox.

Challenge 1: HTML5 and CSS

Create a blank HTML5 document and link a stylesheet. Put them both into a folder.

Move on to Challenge 2.

Challenge 2: Add CSS Reset

Add the Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset to the top of the CSS file.

Move on to Challenge 3.

Challenge 3: HTML5 Shiv

Add the appropriate code in the head of the html file to get the HTML5 shiv working. Be sure to include the html5 shiv in the project folder and make sure it is linked properly.

Move on to Challenge 4.

Challenge 4: HTML5 Structure

Write the HTML structure necessary to create the design shown on the midterm challenge design PSD file above. Be sure to use HTML5 tags and make sure everything is properly closed.

Zip up the whole site and submit it.

Homework: Teté Restaurant