Intermediate Web Design – Final Project

Final Project Specifications

Design the front page of a website for God’s Gym. Clients want to use the current branding. Alter the text below as needed, without stripping the essence of its meaning.

Target Audience

Urban metrosexual men between the ages of 20 and 50.

Site Sections

Below are the main areas of the site that will need to be represented with main navigation.


YOUR JOB is to come up with the design for the front page only. You should research for images, color schemes that would appeal to this audience. Pick type and type treatments that would appeal. Make sure you use typefaces that can be used on the web. Find images, icons and graphics that will work for this project. Stock images are allowed.

Primary Call to Action

Get prospective members to contact the club for a tour and a free workout. (“Contact us today and get a free workout!”)

Secondary Importance

Club owners want to emphasize the following three areas of importance to help attract clients:

  • Virtual Tour – Take a virtual tour of the facility and see the equipment members have access to.
    “Want to know what kind of equipment gods use to train? Only the best professional brands are good enough for us. Check out the virtual tour and see our amazing facilities in action. Not something mere mortals can appreciate.”
  • Social Features – Members can connect with other members and schedule workouts together online. The site will contain tools and apps for keeping track of goals and setting reminders.
    “We know most people sign up for a membership and then don’t go. That is why we have built the social tools and apps for you to plan your goals and reach them. Connect with others for workouts and have fun attaining perfection!”
  • Professional Personal Trainers – For an additional price members can purchase sessions with a group of professional trainers to help them reach their goals. The site will allow members to purchase and schedule these sessions online.
    “Sometimes even gods need help. That is why we have a staff of personal trainers on hand to help you learn how to use equipment most effectively and develop workouts to maximize your potential. Schedule an appointment today!”

Third Importance

  • Advertise a partnership with Muscle Milk brand of nutritional supplements.
    “Together with our partner Muscle Milk we are changing lives every day of every week.”
  • Advertise special events and activities taking place at the club.
    “Check our calendar of events to see what is happening this week.”
  • Advertise partnership with God’s Spa, a spa for men.
    “Worn out after your workout? Visit God’s Spa for a message and some pampering worthy of a god.”

Footer Info

Legal info, copyright info, links to relevant parent sites. Location, hours and contact information.

God’s Gym
123 Somewhere Street,
Sacramento CA 95818

[email protected]

Open everyday from 5am to 11pm

Copyright 2015
Terms of service


God’s Gym logo (AI)

Student Work

These are merely here to show you how flexible this project can be. Please do not copy any of these designs.

gods-gym_sample_student1 gods-gym_sample_student2 gods-gym_sample_student3