Course Outline & Assignments

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignment Deadline
Soft Hard
1 07-14-15 Review of HTML and CSS GoCloud Part 1: Tutorial end of quarter
GoCloud Part 2: Homework start of next class
2 07-21-15 Columns and Positioning GoCloud Part 3: Multi-Columns with Horizontal Nav
GoCloud Part 4: Multi-Columns Practice
GoCloud Part 5: Faux Columns
GoCloud Part 6: Faux Column Practice start of next class
3 07-28-15 CSS3 Techniques reLEAF Sliced Images
reLEAF Part 1: CSS2
reLEAF Part 2: CSS3
Sacramento Writers Group Part 1: Production start of next class
Design goCloud Front Page
4 08-04-15 Midterm Challenges Sacramento Writers Group Part 2: In-Class Version
Midterm Challenges 1-4 start of next class
Tete Restaurant Webpage
5 08-11-15 Web Fonts and Typography Midterm Challenges 5-6 start of next class
Center for the Arts Site
Baseline Grid
Desktop Repainter Part 1: Homework start of next class
6 08-18-15 More Positioning Desktop Repainter Part 2: In-Class Version
Healing Arts Site
God’s Gym Mockup Version 1 start of next class
7 08-25-15 CSS Sprites and Menus CSS Sprites
Dropdown Menu
Bluephant Dental Part 1
Bluephant Dental Part 2 start of next class
God’s Gym Mockup Version 2 start of next class
8 09-01-15 Responsive Design Zen Music Festival Site
Bluephant Dental Part 2: Responsive
AudioSpace Part 1: Homework start of next class
God’s Gym Mockup Version 3 start of next class
9 09-08-15 Responsive Menus AudioSpace Part 2: Responsive
AudioSpace Part 3: Responsive Menu
God’s Gym Mockup Version 4 start of next class
10 09-15-15 Next Steps
11 09-22-15 Final Project Lab FINAL PROJECT

End of quarter is defined as the end of the final class session in week 11. Some assignments will have a soft deadline of the beginning of the next class session. This often is so that we can have a student showcase/critique, and you can get valuable feedback on your work prior moving on. Other times it is so you are prepared for the next week’s tutorial.