Discuss class goals, objectives and expectations.

Micro-Site Assignment

Create a one-page site on the topic you picked. Have fun with it. It can be a serious site, or it can contain goofy content. The choice is yours! Be sure to do the following steps:

  1. Research the topic. What other sites are out there?
  2. Write original content for the site.
  3. Develop an original, high quality design with custom graphics.
  4. Be sure to make the call(s) to action a focus of the page.
  5. Make use of techniques for excellent typography and proper HTML5 structure for search engines. Use CSS3 techniques for progressive enhancement.
  6. Include at least one interactive element on the page, such as a slide down contact form, an image slider, or an animated scroll.


  • An A quality product includes all of the requirements above, plus is portfolio ready.
  • A B quality product includes 5 out of the 6 requirements and is almost portfolio ready.
  • A C quality project includes 4 out of the 6 requirements and is not portfolio ready.


  • Week 1: Mockup and Persona (see below about Personas)
  • Week 2: Proposal
  • Week 3: Contract
  • Week 5: Turn in complete, coded micro-site, proposal, and contract as a single package (Midterm Project)


Your final project will involve presenting a process piece for this site design. Be sure to take lots of screenshots and notes along the way as you develop and build the microsite.


Marketing Personas are fictitious characters you create to represent your various different audience segments.

They’re a tool to help you better understand what motivates people to engage with and support your cause/business.

The better you define your personas, the easier it will be to create branding assets, social media content, website copy, and email messages.

6 Steps to Create Marketing Personas for Your Org

Examples of Personas

Exercise: Micro-Site Persona

Submit a one-page PDF persona describing the type of person your Micro Site is targeting. Include:

  • a photo of the individual
  • their vital statistics such as age, gender and income level
  • what are they coming to the site for?
  • what sorts of designs, colors or features will attact them to your site over someone else’s?
  • how are you going to hook them?



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Resume Examples