Final Project: Process Piece

Create a document that you can use to show potential employers what it is like for you to work on a project.

The process piece should:

  1. describe the problem you were trying to solve
  2. point out the challenges you encountered in the process of working on the project
  3. show the solutions you found

The process piece should be:

  • in some web-friendly format, but does not need to be in HTML / CSSvisual, and probably sequential
  • really well designed and communicate very clearly
  • something you can use to augment an in-person presentation
  • something that can work as a stand alone piece that a potential client could walk through on their own
  • include some discussion of your SEO efforts and microdata

Finally, present the final project in class in a professional manner, effectively making your points and clearly communicating the ideas in your process piece.

This week, you will focus on planning. Create a web-ready mockup for your process piece. You will work on further development in future weeks.


  • Week 5: Process Piece Mockup
  • Week 6: Mockup Critiques
  • Week 9: Complete Process Piece
  • Week 10: Presentation Practice
  • Week 11: Present Final Process Piece

Final Assessment Rubric

Quality Criteria 3 – Accomplished 2 – Competent 1 – Developing
Visual Design Visual design compliments the content of the presentation and helps communicate the ideas presented. Design is clean and consistent and does not interfere with the communication of the content. Design is confusing or inconsistent and interferes with the communication of the ideas presented.
Visual Content Expertly chosen images show key concepts so that viewers understand the ideas presented in the piece. Images adequately show the concepts discussed. Images are confusing or do not communicate effectively.
Written Content Written content effectively expresses the problem statement, challenges and solutions. Uses proper grammar and spelling throughout. Written content could use a little polishing, but still uses proper grammar and spelling. Written content is confusing, elements of the story are missing, or there are spelling / grammar problems.
Presentation Presentation adds to the strength of the process piece. Clearly practiced and well timed delivery that shows confidence. Professional appearance. Presentation marred by few stumbles. Still clearly shows you know what you are talking about and helps communicate what is on the slides. Ums and ahs get in the way of the presentation. Lack of confidence or unpracticed to the point that the presentation is confused or confusing.
Portfolio Readiness Project is ready to put in your portfolio. Project will be ready to put into your portfolio with 1 – 2 additional hours work. Project needs a lot of work to go into your portfolio.

Project Description [PDF]