Website Analytics

Today we’ll wander around in Google Analytics, and see how powerful this tool is for mining data about your site’s activity.

Google Analytics Login

I’ve set up a special Google account where you can view analytical data about the traffic on a few of my sites.

User: studentmm4413
Pass: artinstitute

Exploring Various Data Displays

Below are the data displays I regularly visit. As you review these live on the Google Analytics site, ask yourself: why would I care what this data shows me about my websites?

The Analytics Home Page
6-2-2014 2-47-45 PM
Expanding One Site to Access Data Link
6-2-2014 2-54-54 PM
Audience > Overview (NHS Designs)
6-2-2014 2-55-09 PM
Audience > Geo > Language
6-2-2014 2-58-11 PM
Audience > Geo > Location
6-2-2014 2-58-35 PM
 Audience > Behavior > New vs Returning
6-2-2014 2-59-47 PM
Audience > Technology > Browser & OS
6-2-2014 3-00-26 PM
Audience > Mobile > Overview
6-2-2014 3-01-03 PM
Audience > User Flow
6-2-2014 3-01-55 PM
Acquisition > Overview
6-2-2014 3-02-48 PM
Acquisition > All Referrals
6-2-2014 3-03-34 PM
Acquisition > Keywords > Organic
6-2-2014 3-04-19 PM
Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries (
6-2-2014 3-05-47 PM
Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Landing Pages
6-2-2014 3-06-18 PM
Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
6-2-2014 3-09-00 PM
Behavior > Site Speed > Overview
6-2-2014 3-09-45 PM
Behavior > Site Speed > Speed Suggestions
6-2-2014 3-11-05 PM

More In-Depth Topics

Get Started With Google Analytics

Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

Setting Goals and Measuring Conversion

In Analytics, a conversion is the completion of an activity on your site that is important to the success of your business. For example:

  • a completed sign up for your email newsletter (a Goal conversion)
  • a purchase (a transaction, sometimes called an Ecommerce conversion)


Microdata annotates the DOM with scoped name/value pairs from custom vocabularies.


Here is some microdata included in my WordPress directory,