Course Outline and Assignments for Interactive Industry and Business Op

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignments Deadline
Date Soft Hard
1 04-07-14 Introduction, Personas, Resumes Micro-Site Persona 04-14-14 start of class midnight
Micro-Site Mockup
2 04-14-14 Resume Workshop, RFPs, Proposals Revised Resume 04-21-14 start of class midnight
LinkedIn Account
Microsite Proposal
3 04-21-14 Contracts Microsite Contract 04-28-14 start of class midnight
4 04-28-14 Cover Letters Cover Letter 05-05-14 start of class midnight
5 05-05-14 Process Piece Microsite Critique 05-12-14 start of class midnight
Process Piece Mockup
6 05-12-14 Search Engine Optimization Keyword Research 05-19-14 start of class midnight
On-Page SEO
7 05-19-14 Field Trip: HackerLab Field Trip
8 05-26-14 Holiday: Memorial Day
9 06-02-14 Analytics and Microdata Microdata 06-09-14 start of class midnight
10 06-09-14 Presentation Practice Presentation Practice start of class end of class
11 06-16-14 Final Presentations FINAL PROJECT 06-16-14 start of class end of class

Some assignments will have a soft deadline of the beginning of the next class session. This is so that we can have a student showcase/critique, and you can get valuable feedback on your work prior to the hard deadline indicated in the far right column.