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Share your content calendar from last week’s assignment.

Survey of Online Communities

As with any online community, start your business presence on the following sites with these answers in mind:

  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • How can I help my customers?
  • How can I make great content?
  • What are my potential followers interested in?
  • What topics should I choose for my followers?

We’ve already spent a good deal of time looking at the use of Facebook pages and groups for business. Let’s survey some other social platforms.

Google+ Business Profiles

Google+ Business Profiles

Why Put Your Business on Google+?

  • Having a well-done Google+ profile gives you a better presence on Google search results.
    La Familia Mexican Restaurant chico
  • You can use Google Hangouts to host webinars, video chat, live broadcasts, etc. The video files can be archived at YouTube.

  • There’s an extra line added to AdWords to demonstrate your social capital, or display your local address.
    Google AdWords plus Google+ Google AdWords plus Google+

Expert Advice

  • Create a complete Google+ page
  • Verify your page
  • Enable social extensions if you use AdWords
  • Assign managers for your page
  • Add the G+ social icon to your website
  • Post exclusive content–beautiful photos are especially engaging
    • share insider content
    • run exclusive promotions
  • Engage with your community:
    • be responsive
    • ask questions
    • thank your supporters
    • poll your audience to +1 or comment
    • do something weekly
  • Learn from other Google+ pages

Successful Businesses on Google+

As you review the following business profiles on Google+, notice:

  • how often do they post content?
  • what kind of content do they post?
  • how many +1s and comments do they get?
Big Mill Bed & Breakfast on Google+ H&M on Google+ Virgin on Google+

YouTube Business Profiles

YouTube Business Profiles

Why Put Your Business on YouTube?

  • Since Google owns YouTube, there are most of the same search engine and social integration as with Google+.
  • YouTube itself is the second largest search engine in the world.
  • Use it if you have videos as part of your marketing strategy.
  • Users can subscribe to your channel and see your latest videos whenever they visit YouTube or the YouTube app.

Expert Advice

  • Follow the same SEO practices you would for a website. YouTube video uploads have a lot of data entry opportunities.
  • Plan your targeted key phrase, and include it in the video filename, title, and description.
  • Include a description that is clear and detailed. Link to any webpages that are referenced in the video.
  • Update your channel frequently.
  • Keep your channel organized with Playlists for major content areas.
  • ASK people to subscribe at the end of each video to get more great content from you.

Successful Businesses on YouTube

Quiksilver business channel on YouTube


Ford Models business channel on YouTube Home Depot business channel on YouTube

Pinterest Business Profiles

Pinterest Business Profiles

Pinterest is more of a research tool for people than a social media network. People use it to search for pins to add to their own boards. Be useful to them.

Expert Advice

  • Make lots of boards.
    Don’t simply focus on your business. Create boards that meet your customers’ needs. Some examples:

    • what you sell
    • do-it-yourself (DIY)
    • stuff your fans love
    • items from your niche
  • Share only high-quality pins.
    Make sure that the site you link to is user-friendly and safe. Make sure that the images Pinterest pulls are relevant to the pin topic.
  • Stay Organized.
    Create categories for your boards, and provide useful descriptions. This not only keeps you organized, it makes it easier for users to find you based on their interests.
  • Partner with Others.
    Collaborate with compatible businesses to share each others’ pins–but avoid spammers.

Successful Businesses on Pinterest

As you review the following business profiles on Pinterest, notice:

  • how many boards do they manage?
  • how many fans follow them?
  • how many likes and comments are they generating for any given pin?
  • what kinds of pins are the most popular?
L.L. Bean business profile on Pinterest Nordstrom business profile on Pinterest Lowe's business profile on Pinterest