Course Outline and Assignments for Online Community Management Class

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignments Deadline
In Class Blog Dropbox Date Soft Hard
1 04-08-15 History and Strategy Start a Facebook Page 04-15-15 Start of class Midnight
Start a Facebook Group Start of class Midnight
Wikia Contribution Start of class Midnight
2 04-15-15 Starting a New Community Progress Update 04-22-15 Start of class Midnight
Case Study: From Online Community to Fame Start of class Midnight
3 04-22-15 Attracting and Socializing Members Case Study: Facebook Content Strategy 04-29-15 Start of class Midnight
Develop a Facebook Content Strategy Start of class Midnight
4 04-29-15 Encouraging Commitment and Contribution Case Study: A Brand Community 05-06-15 Start of class Midnight
5 05-06-15 Regulating Behavior Case Study: Online Community as Tribe 05-13-15 Start of class Midnight
6 05-13-15 Creating and Managing Content Content Calendar 05-20-15 Start of class Midnight
7 05-20-15 Survey of Online Communities Analysis: Doing Business on _______ 05-27-15 Start of class Midnight
8 05-27-15 Business Integration and Analytics Keep Building that Facebook Page and Group
9 06-03-15 Blog as Community Keep Building that Facebook Page and Group
10 06-10-15 Ethical and Legal Issues Ethics Topic 06-17-15 Start of class End of class
11 06-17-15 Final Presentation Final Project Start of class End of class

Some assignments will have a soft deadline of the beginning of the next class session. This is so that we can have a student showcase/critique, and you can get valuable feedback on your work prior to the hard deadline indicated in the far right column.