Project Requirements

Live web design and development project for a real client.

Project Description

The purpose of the senior project is to create a real web site (or some other related product) for a real client. This is an opportunity to build your portfolio, and to work through the full design process from beginning to end on a real project.

The nature of the project can vary greatly. It is important to pick something that has a scope that you can complete within the term of the course. The biggest challenge is that to get an A quality project you also need an A quality client. This can be difficult and it will require extra effort to facilitate on your part.

The senior project must start with a proposal, followed by a week by week plan, describing how the plan will be completed. The proposal must be accepted by the course instructor before work can begin.

Each week class time will be used as lab time to work on the project and meeting time to meet with the instructor, the client, or both. Students will be given in-class credit each week for meeting with the instructor and submitting clear progress reports on the state of the project. If a student misses class on one week, he/she must express progress to the instructor before the next class meeting in order to get credit for that week.

NOTE: It is understood that the scope and execution of the project may go differently from planned. Students will not be penalized for modifying the plan or adjust the scope during the course of the project, if it is done in coordination with the instructor and client.

Project Proposal

Please complete a blog post for your Project Proposal before beginning your senior project. Publish it by midnight of the next class session.

It should include the following topics (use the bolded text as your subheadings):

  1. Description
    Give a brief overview of the whole project.
    Who is the client and what is he/she looking for?
  2. Scope
    How many pages, if it is a web site.
    Who is going to create the content?
    What is included?
  3. Technology
    Is it going to be a static site?
    WordPress? Something else?
    What tools will you need?
    What resources do you need?
  4. Challenges
    What do you see are going to be the toughest parts?
    What do you need to do to surmount those challenges?
  5. Not Included
    Where do you draw the line on this project—what is not included?
    How will you avoid or deal with scope creep?

Project Plan

Please publish week-by-week plan to your blog.

Specify what you expect to accomplish week-by-week this quarter.

Make a separate subheading for each week:

  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6
  • Week 7
  • Week 8
  • Week 9
  • Week 10
  • Week 11

Progress Reports

Take a moment today to create a class blog for yourself. Each week (for weeks 2 through 10), you will be required to blog about your progress on this project.

Midterm Critique and Files

In week 5, be prepared to present your work-in-progress to your instructor and fellow students. Submit your working files as a ZIP file to the Dropbox.

Final Files, Critique and Challenge/Solution Statement

In week 11, be prepared to present your final website to your instructor and fellow students. Submit your final files as a ZIP file to the Dropbox. Complete a Challenge/Solution Statement in your blog.

Final Rubric

Quality Criteria 3 – Accomplished 2 – Competent 1 – Developing
Scope Project is of reasonable size to be completed within the term. Project goes live by the end of the term. Project is a little too small or a little too large to be completed within the term. Project not quite live by the end of the term. Project is much too small or much too large to be completed within the term. Project no where near ready to go live by the end of the term.
Design All assets are appropriately designed with a keen eye for detail. Design could use some polishing. Details are not as developed as they could be. Design is poor to mediocre.
Development Uses professional coding and development techniques properly. All components are fully functional in accordance with the proposal. Code could use some cleaning up. Minor fixes to functionality necessary. Code is poor or sloppy. Lots of functional problems.
Project Management /Client Relations Well developed and executed plan. Demonstrates clear communication with client and instructor throughout the project. Minor missteps in the development of the plan, execution of the plan or communication with the client and/or instructor. Inadequate plan. Significant problems with execution and/or communication with client and/or instructor.
Portfolio Readiness Project is ready to put in your portfolio. Project will be ready to put into your portfolio with 1 additional day of work. Project needs a lot of work to go into your portfolio.