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Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices include mobile phones, tablets, smart glasses, and smart watches.

Video: Best Practices for Mobile Marketing Campaigns [3:10]

Highlights from the video:
  1. Start with permission (from the consumer to send them marketing messages)
  2. Understand the consumer
    • some messages are mismatched with consumer interest
    • some consumers say it’s hard to opt out of further messages
    • some consumers find that the benefit is not attractive
  3. Know your audience
    • 27% are marketing immune
    • 27% are easy going, but limited impact on purchases
    • 29% need to be in control of incoming message,s but still like mobile marketing
    • 18% are connected marketing lovers, who do not need to be in control
  4. Be relevant: right person, right message, right moment

Video: The Best Mobile Marketing Campaigns in the World 2015 – Thea Frost [15:04]

Facebook 360° Video

This promotional video for Zoolander 2 works best on mobile devices, using the device’s accelerometer for positioning. It can also work with swipes (or click and drag on desktop).

Zoolander 2: Facebook 360° video


10 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify Your Budget [ April 17, 2014]

Key Points from the Article
  • Spending on mobile marketing is expected to grow 75% in 2014 to $31.45 billion, making up nearly a quarter of total ad spending worldwide.
  • Mobile marketing has a big ROI due to its effectiveness and low cost.
  • Consumers are less likely to comparison shop when using a mobile app; they are also less likely to abandon their cart.
  • More than half (60%) of the time consumers spend online is on mobile devices.
  • Mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems in brick-and-mortar stores (such as on an iPad) improve sales more than threefold.
  • Mobile traffic will continue to grow significantly, perhaps as much as ten times by 2019.
  • Facebook mobile activity exceeds Facebook desktop activity. The same is true of Twitter.
  • One in four mobile users will redeem a mobile coupon in 2014.
  • A majority of mobile searches result in immediate action. 70% of mobile searchers convert within an hour.

Proximity Marketing

Video: An Introduction to Proximity Marketing [9:40]

SMS Text Marketing

One of the first forms of mobile marketing is short message service (SMS) text messaging. It remains as one of the most targeted and effective methods of marketing today.

SMS text mobile marketing SMS text mobile marketing
Video: SMS Marketing – Bulk SMS – Bongo Live [1:54]

Mobile Websites

We are near the tipping point where the majority of website traffic will be via mobile devices. Businesses must have mobile-friendly websites to stay competitive. These sites can either be separate sites which are specifically designed for mobile. Alternately, they can be the same as the desktop site but adjust to various screen sizes (responsive design).

mobile marketing: mobile website comparison
Best Practices for Mobile Websites
  • Design for touch instead of mouse and keyboard. Touch interfaces can accept taps, swipes, and zooms. There is no hover.
  • Focus on clarity of content.
  • Provide strong visual cues for how the user should interact with the page.
  • Keep form inputs to a minimum. The more a user needs to do, the less likely he or she is likely to do it.
  • Optimize the site so that every page loads very fast.
  • Don’t simply scale down your desktop site. Reprioritize the content and pare it down without losing the essential meanings.
  • Take advantage of the mobile context, such as user location, phone capability, etc.
  • Avoid serving content that is unnecessary and not mobile-friendly, such as giant images and unsupported download files.
  • Make sure your text scales appropriately, so that it is large enough to read and contrasts well with its background.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can take the concept of a branded mobile website and house it in a small piece of software. Many marketers have apps made that add value to the consumer’s experience. Apps can provide a much more personalized experience. They can remain always-logged-in in order to recognize the user at all times. They can send push notifications to the user’s home screen. Mobile apps are ideal for allowing a customer to complete numerous tasks in relation to your brand. Ultimately, the goal is to retain customers and generate more sales from them.

Video: The Industry Leader in Dealer Branded Mobile Apps: Driver Connect by DMEautomotive [1:55]

Mobile Video

Video represents a majority of mobile device activity; this is an opportunity for video advertising. Consumers are increasingly comfortable with viewing video content on high-resolution mobile screens.

Ads that precede YouTube videos, for example, are a rich opportunity for marketers. Marketers are also using the videos themselves as a form of infomercial: provide some useful tutorial, then tack a call-to-action at the end. There are even tutorials on how to search engine optimize your video content.

mobile marketing video

Mobile Search

We’ve already discussed search marketing, in which text-based ads appear at the top of search results. On mobile devices, search engine ads can take up a majority of the screen. This can make an ad spend very effective.

search marketing on mobile devices

The Future of Mobile

Think back to our discussions and blog posts on Web 3.0. Think about how the use of mobile devices is escalating in developing countries.


What kind of innovations do you think we’ll see for the mobile web in the next five years?