Activity: Analytics Assessments

This analytics assessment activity requires that each of your generate your own blog report. However, I encourage you to partner up so that you can find this data more easily.

Today, I am your client. You’re going to track down the data I specify as my KPIs for one of four websites. Then, decide whether I have met my goals. Then, make recommendations for future activities to help me meet me goals.

Part 1: Log In

Google Analytics Login

I’ve set up a special Google account where you can view analytical data about the traffic on several of my sites.

User: studentmm4413
Pass: artinstitute

Part 2: Select a Site

I will let you decide which of these four websites to track. Each of these has been around for at least two years. There will be plenty of data available for any of these:

Part 3: Collect the KPI Data

Record the data for my KPIs for the past 30 days, and for the same date range in the prior year.

If pie charts or something else graphical is involved, you can take a screenshot by pressing Cmd-Shift-4 on the Mac.

Dawn’s KPIs
  • Users
  • Pageviews
  • Average Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Percentage of Sessions from the United States
  • Sessions from Organic Search
  • Top 5 Landing Pages
  • Average Page Load Time

Part 4: Compare the Data

Compare the data for this year to the prior year. Are there any significant changes?

Part 5: Assess the Data Against the Goals

I need to know if I am meeting my goals. Here are my specific and measurable site goals for the period from last year to this year:

  • Increase the monthly users by 25%.
  • Increase the pageviews by 25%.
  • Increase the average session duration by 50%.
  • Decrease the bounce rate by 30%.
  • Decrease the page load time by 50%.

How close was I to meeting each of these goals?

Part 6: Make Recommendations

Given your assessment of the data against my goals, make 3-4 recommendations. You may need to research a bit to see what experts recommend.

Part 7: Blog It

Write a blog post with your report. I should include all your finding and recommendations.

If you wish, you may design your report in a program like Adobe InDesign, export it as an image, and post the image. Or do a combination of image with text. Just be thorough.

Final Project Lab

Use the remaining class time to work on your final presentation.