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Discuss class goals, objectives and expectations. The Syllabus can be found on the eCompanion.

Class Blog

Several of your assignments in this course will require that you post to a class blog. Begin this week by creating a class blog for yourself.

Exercise: Initial Class Blog Post

Write your first post on your new blog, to get the hang of it. Write one or two paragraphs with complete sentences.

Title: What ___________ Consumes (fill the blank with your name)

Topic: We consumers. What types of things do you regularly purchase and consume?

We Consumers: Demographics

The quantifiable (“can be counted”) statistics of a given population.

Demographics is used to identify the study of subsets within a given population which characterize that population at a specific point in time. These types of data are used widely in public opinion polling and marketing.

Commonly examined demographics include: 

  • gender
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • knowledge of languages
  • disabilities
  • mobility
  • home ownership
  • employment status
  • location

Demographic trends describe the historical changes in demographics in a population over time. For example, the average age of a population may increase or decrease over time. Both distributions and trends of values within a demographic variable are of interest.

we consumers: Demographic distribution of ancestry across the United States (

Demographic distribution of ancestry across the United States (

we consumers: Marriage trends in United States (Pew)

Marriage trends in United States (Pew)

Icebreaker Activity: First Globals

Authors John Zogby and Joan Snyder identify First Globals as Americans born between 1979 and 1994, because as the authors claim, they “are truly more globally aware and sensitive.”

Zogby and Snyder say that first globals “want to make their workplace and planet a better place” and that “they are the best equipped of all to thrive and solve the problems of our shared world today and tomorrow”.

On a sheet of blank paper, complete the following chart:

Your Grandparents (at your age) Your Parents (at your age) You
Education Level
Places Traveled
Marital Status and Children
Home Type and Location
Career Goals

Class Discussion

Any trends you notice in your chart?

Are you a first global? Would you agree with Zogby and Snyder? How does this compare to the way millennials are typically characterized?

Consumption Diary Project Overview

Review the requirements and steps for the Consumption Diary Project.


Addicted to Cheap Shopping? Why the Real Cost of Goods Keeps Going Down

We will view this documentary in class. Take notes of some key ideas.

Exercise: Cheap Shopping Blog Post Response

In a blog post, please describe and respond to three (3) marketing phenomena or stories that were covered.

  • Use subheadings to separate the concepts/stories.
  • Use complete sentences and correct grammar/spelling.