Consumer Behavior – Midterm Project: Brand Case Study

Brand Case Study Report

Select a consumer product or brand. Report the following information for it in a blog post called Midterm Brand Case Study Report.

Part 1: Background

Give some introductory information about your product/brand. Include:

  • A description of the company and its history
  • Discuss its target market

Part 2: Marketing Strategy

Discuss the company’s overall marcom (marketing communications) strategy. Include examples of their:

  • advertising
  • public relations and publicity
  • sponsorship
  • cross promotion
  • product placement
  • alternative media

 Part 3: Consumer Influences

Identify and analyze relevant aspects of consumer influences and their effect on the adoption process for the brand. Provide reasoning why you believe the influence is relevant.

Examples of what might be included:

  • age
  • gender
  • regional
  • ethnic
  • religious
  • family
  • culture
  • social class
  • social pressure
  • peers
  • clubs
  • external influences
  • internal influences