Consumer Behavior – Final Project: Brand Case Study

Brand Case Study Presentation

Continue development of your Brand Case Study from the Midterm Project Report.

Present the following information during our final class. The presentation you create may consist of a story board, a photo/advertising board, a YouTube video, or PowerPoint slideshow. The presentation will be 4-6 minutes in length.

Tell the story!

Green text indicates what’s new since Midterm. All concepts

Part 1: Background

Give some introductory information about your product/brand. Add any new information you’ve learned since Midterm.


  • A description of the company and its history
  • Discuss its target market:
    • demographics
    • psychographics
    • typical decision-making aspects

Part 2: Marketing Strategy

Discuss the company’s overall marcom (marketing communications) strategy. Add any new information you’ve learned since Midterm.

Include examples of their:

  • advertising
  • public relations and publicity
  • sponsorship
  • cross promotion
  • product placement
  • alternative media

 Part 3: Consumer Influences

Identify and analyze relevant aspects of consumer influences and their effect on the adoption process for the brand. Provide reasoning why you believe the influence is relevant. Add any new information you’ve learned since Midterm.

Examples of what might be included:

  • age
  • gender
  • regional
  • ethnic
  • religious
  • family
  • culture
  • social class
  • social pressure
  • peers
  • clubs
  • external influences
  • internal influences

Part 4: Survey Consumers

Create a 10-question survey on Collect survey results from 7-15 people about the following:

  • perceptions of the product or brand
  • experience with the product or brand
  • what would influence them to buy or not buy the product
  • past decision history with the brand

Analyze your findings from the survey, including a minimum of three (3) crosstabs. The survey itself and your resulting data must be included in your presentation.