Research Discussion

Share your findings from the Marketing an Innovative Product research project assigned last week.

Textbook Discussion

What did you find interesting or surprising in your reading of Chapter 2 of our text?

Midterm Project: Brand Case Study Report

Review the requirements for the Midterm Project, which is due Week 5.

Consumer Perception and Marketing: Sensory Systems

What does perception mean? What does it include?

Name some products that give you the following sensations:

  • smells wonderful
  • tastes amazing
  • feels pleasant to the touch
  • sounds relaxing
  • sounds exciting
  • is visually appealing
  • reminds you of your childhood

Name a product that you think is designed really well. What design elements make it a good choice?

What influences the design and marketing of products?

Perception Stage 1: Exposure

Name a marketing effort that appealed to your senses and convinced you to try the product. Why did it work?

Name a marketing effort that appealed to your senses but didn’t convince you to purchase. Why not?

Name a brand that relies almost entirely on a sensory signature (a unique characteristic of a brand conveyed through the senses).

Discuss some brands that have gotten image overhauls in order to adapt to changing perceptual thresholds.

What are some of the risks of making changes to your branding?

What should we be studying in order to understand consumer perception?

Perception Stage 2: Attention

How does modern media consumption change how marketers need to work?

How does our culture affect how we respond to marketing efforts and product design?

Perception Stage 3: Interpretation

definition of seniotics from

Semiotics requires understanding the rules for a given cultural dynamic, as we interpret stimuli in light of our prior associations.

Who has “broken the rules” in their marketing in order to get noticed, and succeeded? What associations were used to good effect?

consumer perception and marketing game of thrones dragon newspaper

Who has failed at this? What awkward or negative associations were at play?

consumer perception and marketing Marketing-Fail-Nicolas-Cage consumer perception and marketing Marketing-Fail-The-Moment-Your-Forearm-Has-Been-Waiting-For consumer perception and marketing Marketing-Fail-Today-Is-The-Day-We-Take-The-Stairs consumer perception and marketing jcpenney-hitler-billboard-hed-2013 consumer perception and marketing mcdonald-mental-health-ep consumer perception and marketing kenneth cole boots on the ground consumer perception and marketing we-love-you-long-time-hed-2013 consumer perception and marketing BELVEDERE-AD-570 consumer perception and marketing huggies-daddy-test-600-20000

Failed suicide in a Hyundai

Emotional Connections in Design Project

Steve Jobs studied the art of calligraphy, which influenced his design of Apple products.

The invention of kindergarten influenced modern art.

How could you draw inspiration from a field of design, education, business, politics, or art in order to make an entirely unrelated product? Why would you choose to do this?

Invent a New Product

Planning and production:

  • invent a new product in a field that interests you
  • study competing products and their marketing efforts
  • find an unrelated influence (“influencer”) you could apply to your product’s design and marketing, to get the consumer’s attention away from the competitors
  • spend some time really researching the influencer; take notes for brainstorming your product design afterward
  • decide within what cultural context this product will be launched and marketed
  • sketch out some design ideas for your product that connects emotionally to your influencer

Blog Report

In a blog post titled Emotional Connections in Design:

  • name and describe your new product
  • describe the competing products
  • describe what unrelated influencer you are applying to your product design
  • describe what emotional connections will be perceived between the influencer and your product
  • describe what meaning your product will hope to have have for consumers within a specific cultural context
  • describe in detail the new product’s design and marketing; how will it stand out?
  • include one or more of your product sketches

This blog post will benefit from having several subheadings which divide the content into sections.