American River College

ARTNM 404 – Interactive Multimedia Basics
Spring 2nd-8-weeks 2014


Instructor: Dawn Pedersen
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 320-1371

Course: ARTNM 404

Advisory Prerequisite: ARTNM 324, ARTNM 402, CISW 300, or CISW 310

Hours: 36 lec/54 lab


Supplies Needed

  • Flash Drive. BACK UP YOUR WORK!
  • Access to a computer with Adobe Flash CS6 and Adobe Edge Animate installed on it.
  • Internet connection & E-mail address

Hybrid/Online Course
This course has a total of 36 hours of lecture and 54 hours of lab. It is a hybrid course, meaning we will meet for one hour of lecture and one hour for lab each week. The remaining hours will be done online at and the students will be required to read all lecture notes, and complete all assignments, as they are listed on the schedule. Please note that the schedule is not written in stone and may change throughout the semester. You are responsible for keeping track of these changes.

There is a Computer Lab on campus for your convenience, and lab assistance is available, but keep in mind that ‘lab assistance’ does not include tutoring. If you need help, please get it during our scheduled lab time. You may also schedule an appointment with me by emailing me at [email protected]

Course Description
This course introduces the design and delivery of rich interactive content suitable for graphical experiences across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens. Topics include generating interactivity between vector-based graphics, animation, integration of sound, raster graphics, and video. Industry standard workflow from image authoring to interactive authoring is discussed in detail. Visual design principles and interface design concepts are integrated into the making of portfolio-quality rich media projects.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • create images and animation using the basic features of a web authoring tool
  • create and modify simple objects using design principles
  • incorporate simple images on layers to form successful composition
  • integrate sound, video, and animation into a web page
  • produce interactive interface elements that utilize basic scripting capabilities
  • publish multimedia web projects to the Internet

Student Responsibility

  • Must Attend Class. Students are responsible for all material and instruction missed due to absences. Lecture notes are not available from the instructor. Refer to
  • Pass midterm and final projects.
  • Complete all assignments and projects on time! Assignments are typically due one week after they are assigned. No late work is accepted. See late work policy below.
  • Please be courteous; no phone conversations in the classroom.
  • You are more than welcome to help each other on projects, but copying is not acceptable. Any indication of copying or cheating on projects or assignments will result in a failing score, and disciplinary action in accordance with district policy.

Excessive absences will result in you being dropped from the class.  If, however, you wish to drop the class, go to the admissions and records office and do the necessary paperwork yourself! Your records are your own responsibility.

Throughout the semester you may be e-mailing me with questions ([email protected]). Keep in mind that I teach other classes at other colleges, and receive a lot of e-mail throughout the semester. Make certain that all your e-mail starts with this subject line:

SUBJECT: ARC Flash Thursdays

Also, please sign your name to your e-mail!  Many people forget to do this; and I have no way of knowing that [email protected] is really Mary Jones. Even if your e-mail address has your name mentioned in it, please sign it still. [email protected] could be Mary Jones or Mark Jones.

Method of Evaluation
Borderline grades will be determined by attendance and class participation.

Weekly assignments:     60%
Midterm Project:            15%
Final Project:                 25%
Total:                            100%
90% – 100%      A
80% – 89%        B
70% – 79%        C
60% – 69%        D0     – 59%       F

Turning in your work

  • You will be turning in your work at  This process will be explained to you the first day of class, and you will go over the steps with the instructor. Failure to follow the procedure will result in a zero for the assignment.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to report any difficulties with or confusion about the D2L system at the time they occur—and before the deadline for the assignment. Deadlines for all assignments are not flexible, and problems with D2L are not a valid excuse for late work.
  • Work turned into the wrong D2L folder for a given assignment will not be graded.

Late Work

  • Deadlines are very serious in the industry. Each assignment must be received by the set deadline, typically one week after it is introduced. If you don’t keep up with the assignments, it will become harder to comprehend later course material.
  • Late work will not be accepted.
  • On-time projects may be redone with instructor approval.

Clean Language Policy
You will be turning in a number of assignments throughout the semester. Please use language and graphics appropriate to a classroom setting. Failure to comply will result in a zero on that assignment. If your material is borderline or questionable, simply don’t risk it.