Midterm Overview

This project is very open-ended, and is due by the class date of Week 9 at 11:59pm.

Create an animated Flash movie which incorporates the following characteristics.

Characteristic Points Possible
Four or more named layers in the main timeline 10
120 frames or more at 24 frames per second 10
Use of objects drawn in Flash* 10
Use of imported graphics/pictures * 10
Use of 3 or more symbols 10
Use of a Filter* 10
Use of a Blend Mode* 10
Use of a Mask* 10
Use of Sound 10
Overall quality, complexity, cohesiveness,timing, and creativity 60


Also, in a Microsoft Word document named WhereToLook, tell me where to look in your FLA file for the items marked with * below.

What to Submit

ZIP up the following files and rename the ZIP file as midterm.zip:

  • midterm.fla
  • midterm.swf
  • WhereToLook.doc