Final Project Specifications

Create a 5-page, interactive website in Adobe Edge Animate.

It must meet the following criteria to receive full credit:

Specification Points Possible
5 pages of original content. 25
Name of the site visible at the top of each page, plus a page heading on each interior page. 25
Each page has a <title> element (in the browser tab) that identifies the website name. Interior page titles also include the page name. 25
Navigation which links to all five pages and is consistent site-wide. 25
Harmonious color scheme. 25
Meets basic usability guidelines. 25
Includes interactivity beyond simple menu clicks. 25
Includes at least one animated element. 25
Layout is consistent, attractive, and well organized. It goes no wider than 1000px, and no narrower than 350px. 25
Originality in design without loss of usability. 25