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Course Overview


ID356 Syllabus

INTR220 Syllabus

Class Meetings Fridays, 9:00am—2:00pm
Session Term 2 2011
Instructor Dawn Pedersen
Email [email protected]
Phone 916-320-1371

Course Prerequisite: ID356


Course Prerequisites: INTR220

  • INTR 101 - Introduction to Interior Design
  • DES 101 - Design Fundamentals

Required Text

Bender, D. Design. Portfolios: Moving from Traditional to Digital.
New York: Fairchild Publications, 2008.
ISBN-13: 978-1563674839
ISBN-10: 1563674831


Notebook, pen, digital media storage device.

Course Outline

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignment Summary File Name Points Due Date
1 03-25-11 Photoshop 1 Tutorial A naomi.psd 15 04-01-11
Tutorial B jellyfish.psd 15
Playing with Actions actions.psd 25
2 04-01-11 Photoshop 2 Tutorial C bethany_joy_galeotti.psd 15 04-08-11
Tutorial D colorize.psd 10
Tutorial E scatter-brush.psd 10
picture-brush.psd 10
Tutorial F crab-on-sand.psd 10
3 04-08-11 Photoshop 3 Tutorial G Colored-lines.psd 25 04-15-11
Tutorial H Yours_truly.psd 15
Tutorial I Bluebeard.psd 15
4 04-15-11 Photoshop 4 3D Bed 3d-bed.psd 15 04-22-11
3D and Texture 3d.psd 40
5 04-22-11 Photoshop 5 Tutorial J basics.psd 6 04-29-11
pasteinto.psd 6
careful.psd 6
combining.psd 10
Tutorial K web-mockup.psd 27
MIDTERM PROJECT midterm.psd 150
6 04-29-11 Illustrator 1 Using the Pen Tool 30 05-06-11
Drawing Flowers 25
7 05-06-11 Illustrator 2 Drawing Cartoons 55 05-13-11
8 05-13-11 InDesign 1 Using InDesign Puppet Article.pdf 30 05-20-11
Magazine Spread spread.pdf 25
9 05-20-11 InDesign 2 Title and Master Pages 55 05-27-11
10 05-27-11 Final Project Lab FINAL PROJECT final.psd 250

Course Description: ID356

This course introduces both computer illustration and photo-manipulation using industry standard software as they relate to the field of Interior Design. The course focuses on understanding the platforms and applying the programs individually or in tandem, based on project outcomes.

Course Description: INTR220

This course will cover a variety of illustration softwares to create renderings and enhance photographs, hand drawings and other graphic images.  Manual and digital visual presentation techniques will be covered.

Performance Objectives: ID356

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Interpret the terminology used in the digital imaging process
  • Demonstrate competency in utilization of Photoshop and InDesign tools
  • Differentiate between raster and vector images.
  • Determine appropriate resolution based upon output
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using layers and masks

Performance Objectives: INTR220

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Create presentations of color, materials, and furnishings (for example, sample boards, collages, mock-ups, digital representations);
  • Investigate methods of graphic design presentation, composition and typology;
  • Communicate through alternative presentation techniques (for example, audio, electronic film, photography, slides, video);
  • Explore basic software applications and the digital workflow of the interior design professional;
  • Articulate the differences and the appropriate use of the imaging formats i.e.: DWG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and PSD;
  • Evaluate the relationship between image size, resolution and different color modes for print, on screen and web images; and
  • Illustrate how to prepare, edit and enhance images for print.