John Baskerville

John Baskerville typeface aesops fable

Video: “John Baskerville and the beauty of letters” [11:41]

Giambattista Bodoni

Manuale Tipografico bodoni typeface

Video: Bodoni, Manual of Typography – Manuale tipografico (1818) [2:47]

François Didot


Comparative Type: Didot Versus Bodoni


The Industrial Revolution

Video: Coal, Steam, and The Industrial Revolution: Crash Course World History #32 [11:05]

Typographic Innovations

Thomas Cotterell and Large Type

theatre royal playbill for cymbeline Thomas Cotterell

Fat Faces

Type Lecture fat face

Vincent Figgins, Robert Thorne, and Slab Serif (AKA Egyptian Fonts)

vincent figgins type specimens robert thorne mint robert thorne egyptian
Video: On the Slab: Rockwell, Anatomy of a Typeface [3:01]


Thorowgood Double Pica Clarendon 1848


Four Line Pica italian typeface

3D Type

Vincent Figgins Five Lines Pica

William Thorowgood and Reversed Type

molder thorowgood reversed type

Decorated Display Type / Ornamented Fonts

ornamented fonts typeface woods sharwoods alphabet lapidaire monstre ornamented type

Sans Serif

William Caslon IV

caslon sans-serif groteque

Vincent Figgins

figgins sans serif

Thorowgood & Co.

thorowgood sans serif grotesque

Wood Type

Wood Type Alphabet Wood type case wood type index fingers

Ottmar Mergenthaler and Linotype


Video: A Real, Working Linotype Machine [3:59]

Tolbert Lanston and Monotype

Monotype machine

Video: Don Black Linecasting – Monotype Casting [3:17]