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  • Online Ticket Purchase, Version 2

Responsive Design for Mobile



Google Resources

Google I/O 2014 – Design principles for a better mobile web

Google Developers: Web Fundamentals
responsive design for mobile - Web Fundamentals

Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions
responsive design for mobile - Principles of Mobile Site Design

The following list comes from the Principles presentation linked above. For explanations, please refer to that document.

Homepage & Site Navigation
  • Keep calls-to-action front and center
  • Keep menus short and sweet
  • Make it easy to get back to the homepage
  • Don’t let promotions steal the show
Site Search
  • Make site search visible
  • Ensure site search results are relevant
  • Implement filters to improve site search usability
  • Guide users to better site search results
Commerce & Conversions
  • Let users explore before they commit
  • Let users purchase as a guest
  • Use existing information to maximize convenience
  • Use click-to-call buttons for complex tasks
  • Make it easy to finish converting on another device
Form Entry
  •  Streamline information entry
  • Choose the simplest input method for each task
  • Provide a visual calendar when selecting dates
  • Minimize form errors with labeling and real-time validation
  • Design efficient forms
Sitewide Design Considerations
  •  Optimize your entire site for mobile
  • Don’t make users pinch-to-zoom
  • Make product images expandable
  • Tell users which screen orientation works best
  • Keep your user in a single browser window
  • Avoid “full site” labeling
  • Be clear why you need a user’s location
Technical Checklist
  • Make sure your mobile ads are configured to take users to the mobile site
  • Minimize downloads to ensure a smooth experience
  • Test on a range of devices
  • Make sure your page content loads in a logical order
  • Implement analytics and conversion tracking across your mobile site