Unhappy with Your Grade?

I have two ways you can bump up your grade if it is sagging.

“Get Out of Zero, Free” Card

get out of zero, free card

I have an “amnesty program” for single assignments which received no credit. Here are the rules:

  • Resubmit an assignment to your class blog in the eCompanion. It must meet the following requirements:
    • An assignment which is already late is to be turned in by midnight of our Week 8 class.
    • A future assignment which is late must be in no later than a week after the due date.
  • Put the text “Get out of zero free” in the blog post, so I know to give you credit.
  • You can use this virtual card once per course only, and only for a single assignment.
  • This can be applied toward any assignments, but not presentation/feedback.
  • Absolutely NO work will be accepted after the final minute of the final class session.


Here’s a reminder from the syllabus:

On-time projects may be redone with instructor approval.

It’s a great deal. If you turned in work on time and reasonably complete—but received no credit—come talk to me to arrange a redo.


We will take some quality time to review—and give feedback—for the following assignments which have been submitted so far:

  • Calendar of Events Page, Version 1

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