Web Design – Midterm Project

Museum Website

Note: Real museum websites can be extremely large and complex. For the purposes of coding what may be your very first website, we’ll keep it simple—just 5 pages.

Create an imaginary museum to design a 5-page website for. If you pick a real one, your design must differ significantly from their existing site.

29 Weird Museums

Museum sites have many things in common, no matter what kind of treasures are on view at the museum. The museum design pattern usually includes:

  • home page with a general overview and featuring current and upcoming exhibits
  • individual exhibit pages
  • information on planning a visit, including hours, admission, parking, and directions
  • information about special tours and field trips
  • calendar of events
  • online gift shop
  • online ticket purchase
  • photo galleries
  • history of the museum
  • how to volunteer or donate
  • search

Here is what will turn in for the Midterm Project:

  • root folder with home page (index.html), stylesheet (styles.css), and and images folder
  • the menu actively links to future pages (that do not exist yet)
  • all CSS is in the external stylesheet
  • get as close as you can to your mockup with your existing HTML and CSS skills
  • HTML and CSS validates