Web Design – Final Project

Professional Design Portfolio Website

For your final project, you will create a website for yourself, featuring your very best visual design work.

At a minimum, create the following pages on your site:

  • home page
  • artist’s statement page, with 200-300 word statement
  • bio page, with a 200-300 word biography
  • resume page, tailored for your artistic career
  • contact page

In addition to these specific pages, you will need to generate the following for your site:

  • an original logo for yourself or your design company
  • 10 images or video clips of your very best design work
  • individual pages for each portfolio piece, with a title and description (challenge/solution statement) for each

It is strongly recommended that you register a domain name and purchase Web hosting for your portfolio site. Once it’s done, it’s live, and you can use it to get yourself some work!