Image Manipulation – Photoshop Final Project

photoshop final projectPhotoshop Final Project

You will be completing a complex Photoshop composition for a Photoshop competition. You do not need to actually enter the contest. You may even create a composition for a contest which has already closed. Do, however, follow the guidelines as given on the contest site.


Select a Photoshop Contest

Select a Photoshop contest from one of the websites below:

Complete Your Photoshop Composition

Complete a complex, multi-layered Photoshop composition which you might enter into the contest you have selected.

Your Photoshop composition should make ample use of the following skills you have learned in class. There should be evidence of the use of at least 8 of these features:

  • named layers
  • color editing
  • selections
  • customized brushes
  • retouching tools
  • healing, patching, and cloning
  • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • filters
  • Smart Objects
  • text and paths
  • mixer brush

Photoshop Metadata

Let me also have some information about your composition:

  1. Open the PSD file in Photoshop.
  2. File > File Info
  3. In any of the fields in the first tab (Description), put the web address of the specific Photoshop contest you selected
  4. Click OK and save your file.

Your layered Photoshop file is due by the end of class in Week 11. It will NOT be accepted any later than the last minute of class on that class day.