Student Showcase

At the beginning of class, we’ll take a look at each student’s collection of banner ads and solicit feedback.

Types of Web-Based Marketing

  • Website—✓ DONE
  • Banner ads—✓ DONE
  • Mobile app or website
  • HTML email
  • HTML newsletter
  • Facebook fan page/Twitter profile page
  • Landing page: pages which visitors are referred to via advertising, and which feature special promotions and further direct visitors
  • Blog theme
  • Collection of site icons: favicon, arrows, buttons, calls-to-action, commenting, rating, etc. (design your own)
  • Infographic

Planning Through Execution

I recommend these 10 steps in designing your marketing collateral:

  1. Review your client’s brand message, goals, and graphic standards manual.
  2. Select the two additional pieces you’d like to design.
  3. Decide on a specific audience and goals for each piece. Also determine how the item will be distributed/experienced.
  4. Research how to correctly format the file for each item.
  5. Collect/create images and copy for the item.
  6. Create some quick sketches on paper for the general layouts for each item.
  7. Design the items.
  8. Get feedback for further revision, from your client, fellow classmates, friends, etc.
  9. Revise.
  10. Save for final distribution. For example, if it is a Flash file, publish it as the SWF.