Digital Identity Design – Midterm Project

Your midterm grade will be based on your creation of a Branding Strategy Presentation. Collect all of your previous work for your focus company into a single document. You may use Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign for this. It should go several pages long.

Make sure each of these pieces is included:

  • Company Profile [Discovery]
  • Brand Objectives [Discovery]
  • Market Analysis [Discovery]
  • 20 Logo Sketches [Preliminary Logos]
  • 6 Vector Logos [Preliminary Logos]

Create subheading for, and annotate, each element (e.g. Company Profile is one element.) That is, write up a little description underneath for each item—think of how you would present and explain these preproduction items to your client.

Include in your annotation:

  • The purpose of each planning step
  • How each piece supports the needs of the client and their customers

Create a color scheme, a style for the typography, and a consistent layout of your document which reflects your brand strategy.

Save your document as a PDF file for upload to the Dropbox.