Digital Identity Design – Final Project

Kit of Parts

Collect your client’s identity and marketing pieces together into a document called Kit of Parts (a complete branding design package.) You must continue with the same client for whom you developed a logo during the first half of the quarter. You need not print your design products for grading purposes—good quality digital copies are sufficient.


  • Title page
    • “Kit of Parts”
    • Company name
    • date
  • On each of the remaining pages:
    • a page heading identifying the page topic
    • page numbers at the bottom of each page
    • images of the logo and other design pieces your created for your client, one design per page (except the three banner ads, which can be presented together)
    • captions identifying the nature of each design piece (e.g. “Primary Logo”)
    • descriptions in complete sentences of the purpose of each design piece and how it supports the branding message of the company
  • Include images/text from these assignments in your client’s Kit of Parts:
    • company logo
    • graphic standards manual (include at least four thumbnails of the manual pages)
    • final web mockup
    • banner ads
    • two additional pieces of web-based marketing collateral
  • Save the document as a press-ready PDF for submission.


Kit of Parts for>>

Note: The text is not complete in the above example. Each page should contain text describing the purpose of each design piece and how it supports the branding message.