Final Project Overview

Build a Photoshop mockup for a secondary page to go along with one of your home page designs:

  • news site
  • workshop site
  • movie site
  • restaurant site

For example, you could do the menu page for your restaurant site or the list of speakers page for your workshop site. The point is to have companion designs which would work together in a presentation to a client (and not incidentally in your portfolio.)

Keep all of the site identity, main menu, and footer layout consistent so that the pages are clearly for the same site. However, create a layout for the main content on this secondary page so that is visually distinctive from the home page.

This is a final project, so I expect it will take you several hours. Your time and effort should be evident in your final product. Save your file as a smallest-file-size PDF for submission.

Real-World Examples‘s home page compared with a page for a specific article.'s home page and article page .

The official movie site for Blade Runner: the home page, and the Downloads page.

Blade Runner's home page and downloads page

Grading Criteria

You will be graded according to your time effort, as well as your level of expertise in applying the following:

  • Design Principles
    • Alignment
    • Proximity
    • Contrast
    • Repetition
  • Design Elements
    • Color Harmony
    • Texture
    • Use of Imagery
    • Typography and Font Choice
  • Appropriate for intended purpose and audience
  • Organization and clarity
  • Leading the eye through the design