Last week, you were asked to research restaurant websites. What were your findings for each of your three websites?

  • What can you tell about the restaurant and its clientele from their website?
  • What works and what does not work well on the website?
  • What sort of mobile features (if any) does it have?

Don’t forget to submit your report to the Dropbox on the eCompanion.

Audio Space Part 1: Responsive Design

AudioSpace Part 2: Fixing Interaction for Mobile

Restaurant Site Design Brief and Content

Choose a restaurant  to build a responsive website for and write a short design brief describing the type of restaurant you have chosen. Be sure to include the following:

  • A description of the restaurant (real or fictional?), type of clientele, cost range, location and the type of food, as well as the type of dining experience. If the restaurant currently exists, what is its website?
  • A description of the website, including the features available (this can change, I just want to know what you are thinking about). Things to potentially include: high quality photos, a story of the restaurant, social media links and/or content, location and directions, events and activities or other services (big parties?), video, newsletter signup, etc. Remember, the site should COMMUNICATE and EXTEND the dining experience.

Pretend it is your restaurant. Write the content, gather the photos and other materials you need, zip them up and submit them with this assignment. Keep the tone and voice consistent through out the content you create.