DF2254 Fundamentals of Web Design :: Art Institute

Course Overview


Complete Syllabus

Class Meetings Mondays, 1:00pm—5:00pm
Session Winter 2013
Instructor Dawn Pedersen
Email [email protected]
Phone 916-320-1371

Course Description

Focused on the design of web pages, this course covers the fundamentals of encoding techniques and designing features for web pages. Students learn to construct a web page with dynamic media content.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Design for specific delivery platforms.
  • Describe advantages and limitations of delivery platforms.
  • Describe effects of delivery platforms on a variety of integrated media, including color, resolution, speed, and composition.
  • Create project performance specifications for a variety of platforms.
Construct a web page with dynamic media content.
  • Apply encoding techniques for dynamic web pages.
  • Utilize software applications for web page construction.
  • Design a web page with appropriate text and graphics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the delivery medium.

Process for Evaluation

  • Attendance and Participation 10%
  • Assignments and Exercises 50%
  • Mid-Term Project/Examination 15%
  • Final Project/Examination 25%

Recommended Text

Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML by Elisabeth Freeman and Eric Freeman, O’Reilly Media, 2005, ISBN 059610197X

Course Outline & Assignments

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignment Summary File Name Points Due Date
1 01-07-13 Introduction Usability Analysis Usability Analysis.doc 50 01-14-13
2 01-14-13 HTML Basics Your First Web Page first-web-page.zip 40 01-28-13
Wireframes wireframes.xxx 20
Site Map sitemap.xxx 20
3 01-21-13 HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King Jr.
4 01-28-13 More HTML Practice HTML Site practice.zip 50 02-04-13
MIDTERM PROJECT midterm.zip 150
5 02-04-13 Dreamweaver Monkey Website monkeys.zip 60 02-11-13
6 02-11-13 Web Color Color Project color-project.zip 60 02-18-13
7 02-18-13 Web Graphics Web-Optimized Images images.zip 50 02-25-13
8 02-25-13 CSS Design Principles Critique Design Principles Critique.doc 30 03-04-13
CSS Layout css-layout.zip 20
9 03-04-13 HTML Challenges HTML Challenges challenges.zip 50 03-11-13
10 03-11-13 Tables Tables Practice tables.zip 50 03-18-13
FINAL PROJECT final.zip 250
11 03-18-13 Media, Final Project Lab