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Specifications for Final Project

Final Project Overview


A 5-page website about a topic of your choice. It will incorporate all of the skills that you will learn in this course. You will be able to build it from week-to-week throughout the term. It will be assessed half-way, during Midterms week (see complete specifications below).

Specifications / Requirements

You must code this site yourself. No use of templates or other form of pre-built code allowed. You may use small snippets of code from class tutorials to get you started, but the final site must not resemble any of the tutorials.

  • DESIGN PRINCIPLES. Your site incorporates the stated guidelines for alignment, proximity, repetition and contrast. The color scheme is relevant, appealing, and consistent.
  • CONTENT. Each page must tell us something about your chosen topic.
  • LAYOUT. The layout is consistent, attractive, and well organized. The content is no wider than 1000px. The layout is CSS-based rather than table-based.
  • SITE IDENTITY. Each page tells us which site we are on within the browser window.
  • NAVIGATION. Each page links to each of the others. The navigation is obvious, consistently located, and visible without scrolling.
  • TEXT. All text content is original and in your own writing. There is no "dummy"/"greeking" text. Spelling and grammar are immaculate. The text is large enough to read and contrasts strongly with the background color. Each page has at least one heading element for the page topic. Each page has at least one paragraph element.The headings and paragraphs are styled in CSS.
  • IMAGES. The site contains at least five unique images. Each page contains no more than 200KB in images total. The images have not been distorted, disproportioned, or resized in the browser. There are no broken images.
  • TITLES. Each page has a <title> element that identifies both the Web site name and the topic of the page.
  • LIST. At least one page includes a list coded with HTML list tags. An unordered list used for a menu counts.
  • TABLE. At least one page contains a table of data with table headers and a caption. Table HTML is used only for data, not for layout.
  • FORM [MM1123, DES110, and DES351 ONLY]. At least one page contains a form.
    • One text field
    • Two radio button or checkbox options
    • A submit button
  • MEDIA [DF2254 ONLY]. At least one page contains a video or audio embed.
  • CSS. There is an external style sheet which controls all of the presentational elements. There are at least 5 CSS rules in the external style sheet, and none in the HTML files.


Each HTML and CSS file must validate.

Validate HTML

Validate CSS


You can assess your work yourself by grading your website design with the rubric. This will help you check if you met all of the requirements listed above before you turn in your work.



Student Work

Dropbox go to eCompanion

Upload the following by the end of the final class:

Week Assignment File Name Points
11 FINAL PROJECT final.zip 250