MM2213 Intermediate Web Design :: Art Institute

Specifications for Final Project

Final Project Overview

Turn in your complete customized WordPress theme based on the H5 templates. All of these files should have your hand in them:

  • 404.php
    what shows when a page does not exist as written in the address bar
  • archive.php [completed week 9]
    a catch-all page for category listings or other post listings (ie. tags, by date, by author)
  • archives.php
    a listing of post archives by month, by subject, and by tag
  • comments.php [completed week 8]
    the comment box area for single posts and pages
  • footer.php [completed week 8]
    content for the footer, and the closing body and html tags
  • header.php [completed week 8]
    content for the header, and the opening html and body tags, as well as the head element
  • index.php
    the home page
  • page.php
    a static page
  • sidebar.php [completed week 8]
    content for the sidebar, either dynamic or hard-coded
  • single.php [completed week 8]
    an individual post page
  • style.css
    styling for all site elements

Dropbox go to eCompanion

Upload the following by the end of the final class session:

Week Assignment File Name Points