GWDA223 Intermediate Web Page Scripting :: Art Institute

Specifications for Midterm Project

Midterm Overview

ZIP up your final project site folder (work-in-progress) and upload it to the eCompanion.

Assessment Criteria

Site Structure: there is an index.html file for the home page, a styles.css file for the stylesheet, and an images folder for images.

CSS: Your style has the following characteristics:
  • All of your CSS styles are located in the styles.css file.
  • There are at least 3 CSS rules in the stylesheet.
  • There is no CSS used internally or inline in the HTML page(s).
  • The stylesheet passes validation:

HTML: Your home page has the following elements:

  • the file name is index.html
  • a page title
  • a link to the external CSS file
  • a header created with an H1 element
  • a paragraph of text
  • a unified color palette
  • at least one image displayed via HTML or CSS
  • a menu of future pages
  • the home page passes HTML5 validation:

Dropbox go to eCompanion

Upload the following by midnight of our Week 5 class meeting:

Week Assignment File Name