GWDA223 Intermediate Web Page Scripting :: Art Institute

Specifications for Final Project

Final Project Overview

Create a multi-page eCommerce website for a real or imagined business. The business must offer products for sale on the site, rather than services.

Think very carefully about what your company will be! You will be working on the site for this company for the next 10 weeks, and I will not allow a company change mid-way.

The site will incorporate all of the skills that you will learn in this course. You will be able to build it from week-to-week throughout the quarter. It will be due by the end of the final day of class.

Final Project Site Contents

Your final site must contain the following content in an organized way:

  • Home page
  • Three or more product category pages, with two or more individual products listed per category.
  • For each product, an individual product page which includes a product image, description, and pricing
  • A page about the company
  • A page with information on customer service/contact
  • One or more pages of policies: shipping, returns, and privacy

Final Project Site Specifications

  • ORIGINALITY. The site design must be of your own making. You may use an existing business upon which to base your design, but you may not use their existing web site design as a starting point.
  • LAYOUT. The arrangement of text and images on each page should be attractive and well organized.The layout is CSS-based rather than table-based.
  • NAVIGATION. Navigation is user-centered, well named and well organized. The navigation must be visible without scrolling, and located in the same place on every page.
  • CONSISTENCY. All pages are consistent in layout: navigation, content, logo, etc. are always in the same place on the page. The color scheme is consistent throughout.
  • TEXT. The text is large enough to read and contrasts strongly with the background color. Each page must have at least one heading (e.g. <h1>) and at least one paragraph of text. The heading and text must all be styled in CSS.
  • CSS. There must be at least one external style sheet which controls the fonts, color, and other presentational elements of the website. There are at least 10 CSS rules in the external style sheet. There are no internal or inline CSS styles.
  • IMAGES. Each page much contain at least one unique image. Images are optimized for the web, and not resized using HTML width and height attributes. Pages must contain no more than 200KB total in images.
  • TITLES. Each page must have a logical <title> element that identifies both the website and the topic of the page. The home page title may include just the site name, but a tagline is helpful to explain more about the company.
  • LIST. At least one page includes an ordered or unordered list, coded using the appropriate HTML list tags.
  • TABLE. At least one page contains a table of data. There are table headers and a table caption. Table HTML is used only for data, not for layout.
  • FORM. At least one page contains a form. It is okay if it does not function due to the lack of a corresponding database. It must include at a minimum:
    • Some text above it identifying what the form is for
    • One text field
    • Two radio button or checkbox options
    • A submit button
  • VALIDATION. Each page must validate as HTML 5. The CSS must validate as well.

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Upload the following by the end of the final class:

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