FS122 Image Manipulation :: Art Institute

Course Overview


Complete Syllabus

Class Meetings Saturdays, 1:00pm—4:50pm
Session Fall 2010
Instructor Dawn Pedersen
Email [email protected]
Phone 916-320-1371

Course Description

Students develop basic image manipulation skills in a raster-based computer environment. Emphasis is placed on mastering the fundamentals of scanning, color management, photo retouching, imaging, special effects and filters and masks.

Course Competencies

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Apply principles of color theory
    • Apply color theory in the scanning, manipulating, and outputting of imagery
    • Compare and contrast additive and subtractive color theory
    • Identify and define which color theories apply to different input/output devices
  • Use and manage computer hardware peripherals for input, output, and storage
    • Operate different kinds of peripheral hardware, including printers, scanners, external drives, and Wacom tablets
  • Operate a personal computer using current operating system interfaces
    • Correlate keyboard functions with menu operations
  • Use image manipulation software
    • Manipulate layers, channels and paths
    • Describe and apply the major steps in the “imaging chain”
    • Use a digital camera to capture images for use in a raster-based computer application
    • Produce B&W and/or color illustrations
    • Use tools, menus, and keyboard commands to perform complex image selection techniques
    • Control image characteristics (size, mode, dpi, etc.)
    • Select/apply filters and layers using appropriate menus, tools, and commands
    • Prepare imagery for proofing and/or final outputting at a service bureau or other supplier
    • Save documents using the appropriate specialized file formats

Course Prerequisite

FS104 Computer Applications

Process for Evaluation

  • Attendance and Participation 10%
  • Assignments and Exercises 50%
  • Mid-Term Project/Examination 15%
  • Final Project/Examination 25%

Recommended Text

Photoshop CS4 Studio Techniques by Bell Willmore, Adobe Press, ISBN-10: 0321613104

Course Outline

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignments not completed in class will be assigned as homework. This schedule may change based on class experience and instructor’s discretion.

Week Class Date Topic Assignment Summary File Name Points Due Date
1   Basics        
2   Diving In        
3   Selections and Layers        
4   Retouching        
5   Healing and Patching        
6   Masking        
7   Color Management        
8   WEEK 8        
9   Text and Typography        
10   Paths        
11   Final Project Lab