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Week 9: Microsoft Powerpoint

Final Project Overview

Please review the Final Project specifications and begin working on the project during today's lab period.

Importing Data into Excel

View Slideshow: PPT

View Slideshow: PDF

Try your hand at importing this comma-delimited text file (budget-09-2007.txt) into Excel (right-click to download.)

Images on the Computer

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Logo Design Inspiration

Here are some links to websites with great logos. Notice how the logos communicate about what the product is through their use of type, graphics, color and size.

Business Card Design Inspiration

Business cards are typically 3½" wide by 2" tall. You can also flip it vertically so that it is 2" x 3½".

Introduction to PowerPoint

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In an effort to get used to the interface, we will make a PowerPoint slide show about some goofy topic. We will all create this together in class via demonstration.

Your slide show will will have at least 5 slides. Slides will include:

  • text
  • bullet points
  • images from clip art
  • pasted images from the web
  • drawing objects
  • sounds
  • the use of a design theme

We will also explore printing of slides (print to PDF only, not the printer).

Upload both your slide show and the PDF of your slide show to the Dropbox.

PowerPoint Practice

PowerPoint Exercise: PPT File

Complete the following Powerpoint exercises from the textbook. The exercise file can be found linked above. The instructions are linked below:

Mac Users

Download the following files to see what differences there are for these exercises in PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac:


Complete the Importing Data into Excel, Introduction to PowerPoint, and PowerPoint Practice assignments as described in the left-hand column.


eCompanion Dropbox

Upload the following to the Week 9 Lesson basket:

  • budget-09-2007.xlsx
  • PowerPoint slideshow
  • PDF of PowerPoint slideshow
  • PPT_B-1.pptx