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Week 7: Tracking Changes, Mail Merge, and Microsoft Excel

Tracking Changes in Word

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Enable Track Changes on the Mac

  1. Open the document.
  2. Click View.
  3. Click Toolbars.
  4. Click Reviewing.
  5. Click Track Changes.


Activity: Tracking Changes

Please find the forum on the eCompanion under Week 7 called "Activity: Tracking Changes". Follow the instructions found there.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel

Sample Excel Spreadsheet

Activity: Basic Excel Spreadsheet

Create a Microsoft Excel document which has the following specifications:

  • File name: Contact List.xlsx
  • Sheet one renamed: Mailing Addresses
  • First row is column headings: First Name, Last Name, Street Address, City, State, ZIP
  • At least five addresses (real or fake) below the first row

Mail Merge Using Word and Excel

Merging Data into a Letter

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Creating Labels with Merged Info

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Mac Users

Word 2008: Mail Merge (PDF)

Activity: Mail Merge

  • Write a simple, incomplete business letter
  • Merge in the addresses from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet named "Contact List" (sheet: "Mailing Addresses"). You'll create:
    • the original letter with the mail merge fields inserted, saved as "Letter Template.docx"
    • the completed merged letters document, saved as "Individual Letters.docx"
    • a page of mailing labels, saved as "Labels.docx"
  • Upload all THREE files to the Dropbox.

Excel Practice

Excel Exercises: ZIP File

Complete the following Excel exercises from the textbook. All exercise files can be found in the ZIP file linked above.

  • Duffy_Excel Unit A, pp 1-15
  • Duffy_Excel Unit B, pp 1-17

Mac Users

Download the following files to see what differences there are for these exercises in Excel 2008 for the Mac:


Complete the Tracking Changes, Basic Excel Spreadsheet, Mail Merge, and Excel Practice assignments as described in the left-hand column.

eCompanion Dropbox

Upload the following to the Week 7 Lesson basket:

  • Contact List.xlsx (Mondays: 5 points, Saturdays: 10 points)
  • Letter Template.docx (5 points)
  • Individual Letters.docx (5 points)
  • Labels.docx (10 points)
  • Tour Guide Payroll Calculator.xlsx (10 points)
  • Tour Revenue Analysis.xlsx (10 points)

The "Tracking Changes" activity in the forum is worth the remaining 5 points.