FS104 Computer Applications :: Art Institute

Week 5: Resume Formatting and Find & Replace

Midterm Exam

Complete the Midterm Exam located on the eCompanion. 60 minutes provided.

Word Preferences and Resume Formatting

View Slideshow: PPT

Resume Formatting Assignment

  • Download this resume starting file: resume-assignment.docx
  • Format the resume to match this example (you can use a different cat image)
  • Fix any spelling errors
  • Upload your final Word file to the Dropbox (not a PDF)

You will be graded on the following:

  • Proper use of left and right aligned tabs.
  • Demonstrate ability to use the margin stops on the ruler properly.
  • Ability to set and apply styles.
  • Show that you can format the page without using two non-printing characters next to each other (no space, space, or tab, tab, or return, return to create extra spacing in the document)

Find and Replace

Assignment: Find and Replace Using Codes


Complete the Resume, Find & Replace, and Internet Basics assignments as described in the left-hand column.

eCompanion Dropbox

Upload the following to the Week 5 Lesson basket:

  • Resume Assignment (Word) (35 points)
  • Find and Replace Assignment (ZIP) (Mondays: 15 points, Saturdays: 20 points)