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Week 3: Microsoft Word, Working with Files, and Design Principles

Newsletter Formatting in Microsoft Word

Today you will be taking a newsletter which has been written very plainly in Word, and format it to look like a professional newsletter.

Starting Document: Word

Form groups of 2-3 students each. Each group will be assigned one or more tasks to complete in this newsletter formatting assignment. Research as a team, using Word's Help feature or a search engine such as Google.com.

Here are the specific tasks which need to be completed:

  1. Apply a Title to the first line in the document; modify the default style
  2. Apply a Style Set to the entire document
  3. Use Header 1 and Header 2 for different parts of the document
  4. Download at least two images from the Internet and insert them; apply a style to each image
  5. Insert a web link (also known as a hyperlink)
  6. Insert at least two Pull Quotes; use the Text Wrap feature and make the styles different on each
  7. Insert a Footer and change the footer information; modify the footer style
  8. Put some sections of the page in columns; adjust the spacing between the columns
  9. Add a Bullet List; change the default bullets
  10. Manually change margins and style of text for the President's Message
  11. Add some Word Art; make text wrap around it
  12. Insert Clip Art; make text wrap around it
  13. Change the color of some text
  14. Add a Drop Cap for a paragraph
  15. Add a Table; format the table using custom formatting
  16. Save the file as a PDF

Visual Instructions: PDF

Now, share out in class so that everyone can complete all of the tasks before turning in the PDF.

Working with Files

View Slideshow: PPT

View Slideshow: PDF

Today you will be organizing files and folders in Windows Explorer. Save the file linked below to your desktop and extract the files (I will show you how.)

Files To Be Organized: ZIP

In Windows Explorer you can have a list of files. Each file is a separate document.

working with files 1
(Click on the image above for a larger version.)

  1. You create new folders by clicking on the Make a new folder button on the left panel. Then you can click and drag files into folders. Your job is to take these files and put them in folders so it looks like this:

working with files 2
(Click on the image above for a larger version.)

  1. Inside the business folder should be a subfolder for faxes. Put the appropriate files in that folder. It should look like this:

working with files 3
(Click on the image above for a larger version.)

  1. Also make a subfolder in the personal files for letters and put the appropriate files in there.

working with files 4

  1. Create three new files of any kind in Microsoft Office. Then put them inside folders that make sense to you.
  2. Once you have completed this task, swap seats with the person sitting next to you.
    • Did that person put the files in the right place?
    • Which additional files did they add?
    • Are they filed in a place that makes sense?
    • If either you or the person you are working with has problems or questions, help each other work it out.
    • If both of you are confused, ask someone else nearby to help.
  3. When you are done, switch back to your computer.
  4. Zip up the files by right clicking the organized folder (on the Desktop), and choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder

working with files 5

  1. Submit the new ZIP file to the Dropbox.

Design Principles

View Slideshow: PPT

View Slideshow: PDF

Examples of CARP

Objective: demonstrate that you know each of these design principles works.

Find examples of both good and bad design. In a Microsoft Word document, describe why they are good or bad using CARP (or CRAP if that's easier to remember.)
  • Contrast
  • Alignment
  • Repetition
  • Proximity

Post links to the designs you found.

Designing for Your Audience

Read the following article from Adobe Design Center:
Right on target: Designing for your audience by Luanne Seymour


See instructions to the left for the documents listed below.

eCompanion Dropbox

Upload the following to the Week 3 Lesson basket:

  • Newsletter Formatting (PDF) (15 points)
  • Working with Files (ZIP file) (10 points)
  • Examples of CARP (MS Word) (Mondays: 25 points, Saturdays: 30 points)