FS104 Computer Applications :: Art Institute

Week 2: Operating Systems and Software

History of Computers

What did you learn from the video about computer hardware and the history of computers last week? In a Microsoft Word document, identify 3 people, events, or pieces of technology, and describe why each is significant. Then give a general response to the video.

About Me

Write a one page document in Microsoft Word. It should meet the following criteria:

  • 1 page long
  • single spaced
  • size 12 font
  • 1 inch borders

Paragraph 1: Your name, your major, how many classes you have taken at AI, tell me about any other places you have taken college classes

Paragraph 2: About yourself, including where you grew up, what you like to do with your spare time, etc.

Paragraph 3: About technology you use. How do you use it? What is important to you about the gadgets you use? What types of gadgets, tools or toys have not been invented yet that you would want? Be creative here and think about it, you will need this information for another project.

Computer Operating Systems

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Software Categories

In groups, brainstorm different categories of software, then in a Microsoft Word document list some software titles that fit into each category. For example, a category might be "Word Processing," and "Microsoft Word" might be a title in that category. Try to come up with as many categories and titles as you can in the time alloted. List the members of your group as well.

Mac versus PC

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Introduction to Microsoft Office

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See instructions to the left for the documents listed below.

eCompanion Dropbox

Upload the following to the Week 2 Lesson basket:

  • History of Computers (MS Word) (Mondays: 10 points, Saturdays: 15 points)
  • About Me (MS Word) (20 points)
  • Software Categories (Ms Word) (20 points)